What are Living Mirrors

We all know mirrors very well from our daily life. Most of us own at least one at home, but even if some don't, there's plenty of them in the city as you are walking down your way through streets and glassy buildings. Even in nature you may come across calm water surface reflecting an image of your face back into your eyes.

What are these mirrors doing? They reflect our physical reality. This is very useful. Thanks to mirrors we can even see our own face and eyes. There's really not many other possibilities to see your eyes, and the ones that exist you probably don't want to realize ;) But what is so special about seeing our eyes or eyes of anybody else? It's being told that eyes are window to one's soul, and I guess that you already experienced on your own that there's a lot of truth in this claim.

So, are we able to see reflection of our own inner psychic world with mirrors? Well, kind of, but it's still just a manifestation of our inner world in physical reality, just a lot more direct one. Let's go much deeper directly into ourselves. Yes, there are mirrors which are capable to reflect your inner state. Yourself as a whole, not just your physical body.

It might seem like I'm talking about the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter, but no, it's not any kind of rare special enchanted mirror. Actually, it's the exact opposite. It's very common and all around us. In any place we pay our conscious attention there are Living Mirrors to show us our inner self from all the countless different angels and perspectives.

Can you recall someone who's made you angry recently? Let's name him Bob. What was going on that time? Bob probably did or said something irritating or plain wrong and unacceptable. In the worst case he kept doing it for so long that you were completely mad at him. And of course rightfully! Who would accept such an unacceptable behavior? However, who exactly is making you angry? … That probably seems like a pointless question. Bob of course! He'd better learn and not do it next time, cause he's really getting on your nerves, ... but ... does he?

Let's go back to our well known ordinary mirrors for a moment. If you really dislike something about your appearance and you stare into mirror, you may get mad at yourself, because you don't want to look the way the mirror is showing you. However, you know you are mad at yourself, not the mirror. Yes, there are cases somebody breaks the mirror into pieces as a result of their anger, but it's still obvious to us that it's actually not the mirror that made us angry, isn't it?

So, what if Bob is just a mirror as well? The Living Mirror reflecting your inner state. Your strong resistance or attachment to something. What if you are angry at yourself, because you don't fully love yourself with everything that is part of you? Is this possible? Well, only you know how it really is in your case :)

However, I feel that everything and everyone around me is a Living Mirror reflecting my inner world, and I'm very thankful to all these beautiful people, animals, trees, beings and even things that are part of my life. They keep showing me when I listen to my ego instead of my true self. When I'm not at peace with myself, and when I'm pushing against life instead of flowing with it. And, that flowing with life is what I see as happiness. Of course, our life will not become effortless "walk in the park" this way. It never will. Life keeps bringing challenges anyway, because life is dynamic and endlessly flowing, but if you flow with life, you feel inner peace and happiness instead of anxiety, fear and sadness. This gives you much more power and energy to face those challenges, and get the best of them :)

With so much energy there may be enough left, not only to face your challenges, but also to do what you really love, which is one of the most important things. So what is it in my case?

I love playing the guitar, and composing music which moves me deeply.

I love taking photos with bilateral symmetry in all these different environments as I see and feel huge unexplored creative possibilities there. Especially in nature, who is an incredible artist herself for anybody who is willing to open eyes to see its unlimited beauty and creativity.

I love looking at the world from wider perspective, and help any people along the way if they reach out to me.

I love to grow and make mistakes which are essential, but there's no reason to mourn over them.

I love to be in nature, to breathe consciously, to watch the birds and other beings rejoice from life.

I love to make people happy and help them enjoy their life, which is my main motivation for creating this project (Living Mirrors) to share my creations and thoughts with people who resonate at similar frequencies as these creations, so they may feel better.

After all, me and my creations are your own Living Mirrors in your own life ;)